the intuited and collected


ok real quick.. two topics to come back to .. thought of this morning.. - Dont Ask ..   - Hive Mind ??

5-12-18  Ok been a looooong while..  deciding next topic at times seemed impossible.. like staring at a mirage.. wondering if would change.. i wanted to let it fester and give you the best subject matter i could.. .. now ive been thrown into it.. without a doubt .. maybe only for my physical survival safety.. topic will be gangstalking.. i will be explaining my personal experiences and how is picking up 1000 percent than was when first started noticing.. in washington dc. some business men doing the most noted way to distinguish them that most dont even talk about.. so obvious.. the hand in pocket.. before was thinking and still do primarily the modern version of freemason hidden hand.. used to be across chest in your jacket.. now the pocket.. now imagine seeing it everywhere.. like everyone is hired by the circus.. lastly ill mention the walking with smartphone in hand.. or on it.. ill give 10 percent of that to sincere use.. were talking obvious body language picked up.. im 34 i can tell.. so yeah.. this gets it out and ill have to add more as im studying online personalities discussing this.. alot of shilling going on.. alot of paranoia yes, but even more obvious signs that this is going on all around us.. who is us.. hmm..

3-20-17   So i have a new topic to discuss and add to this; actually a couple but next will include the idea of dissassociation.  When the theory is stated a traumatic event occurs or maybe something milder with less effect its is said that then a subject will make adjustments.. split , in their metality in order to recooperate from the trauma believed by them to not belong there in their mind.. in their lives, their reality.  Alot is said in personal media about a program that came from goverments called Mk Ultra.  A idea of the people under a mind control is first seen as victims.  I am beginiing to see it more like  prostitution.. i realize this is not a popular view.. but im thinking honest.  Especially the fact that Pimping factors in and the perceived wealth that is so attractive to recipients.. Now i get back to dissociating.. Ive heard in cliinical reports it related to other mental health defects such as schizophrenia . It is close to the disorder of multiple personalities..  Called D.I.D.  Disociative Idenity Disorder.  ill summarize that i think it very common even more so in society for this to happening outside of a specific obvious version of a MK Ultra being programed into a person broken down by trauma.  Observing society around me and properly fearing what could be done to this physical reality i now am tuned into, im aware of threats , even these being traumatic and forcing a person to bend to a larger power directed at our physical subjects.  Begining to fragment our minds into this over here is fiction , harmless even, and this on this side is reality and important enough to give respect, honor and obedience  to for the greater good of mankind.. What is that again...  No im not trying to ruffle to many feathers. Hope today if reading this will think about ways we may be fragmenting under some Uber directional hand outside of our own goals and well meant plans we value in our best interests.  thankyou

10-29-16      I have been inactive on this for a while.  Debating on where to take it.  Ive concluded a few points id like to go with one of them seeing a more worthwhile topic to discuss( excuse bold text the bold button will not stay off) so that more people will be able to relate to the ideas i bring up, hopefully.  The first and less stressed will be mk ultra related mind control programming related and the other will be dissociation related.  Dissociation as i have come across it reading and also the viewpoint i see how it relates to a much broader reach than only a person diagnosed with multiple personality disorder or something as that.

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Its hard for me to express what I really know without a full discourse or discussion over extensive subjects; maybe I can be interviewed at a later time.

What Ihope to deal with here will be a sort of conspiracy theory. My pardon the word 'grand' conspiracy theory. Is it to me really a conspiracy? I'll say it is intuited and collected. When I was in Bible College it was called a world view.

The view I intend to project is both the micro and the macro, the latter being more obvious and I believe relevant to pointing to what is really going on while the former stated micro world is about why the world is the way it is. Almost like the studies of anatomy and physiology going together. The body and it's parts and then explaining the function of the body and those parts.

What I dont want to do is ramble on much longer about presenting this information, but actually get in to it, though I'll admit it might be messy at first. Just bare with me, eventually I hope you'll get a precise picture of what I'm presenting.

When you think of the powers that be what might you think of. Maybe you think of Mcdonalds since you see them everywhere. Maybe the catholic churches. Cigerette companies, Gasoline, Commodities like food in all forms of production think locally and internationally. Uhh. How 'bout educational institutions, museums and institutions who have historians; Banks, Wall Street..whats the thing .. wall street of London, is it bank of London?; Automobiles, Flight, Shipping. Ok so all these things occupy our thinking. These are built up over time through history before we arrive in this world and as we are adapting to it, deciding or discovering who or what we will be in our lifetimes and how we react, you could say chemically almost to all the 'things' I've been stating here.

I could go into a brief biography of myself showing how I came across these things but I'll leave that for another project. I feel like in order to present myself instead of just start rambling on about one particular aspect is to almost throw a stone at a glass house, if you will. When it hits it sends shattering and cracking that will seperate several main divides. From these I'll branch out into further exploration. Ok, here I go. Ah! Wow.. took out a whole side of the house. Whats laying in peices? Whats cracked and bringing lines all surrounding where it hit? Whats left in tact, unharmed besides the ide the entire house was fabricated out of one peice of glass so now the entire thing is ruined being it is attached to the broken parts.

[ Earlier today observing among other things I'd felt after making passing remarks as if I was being harsh on a group marching for 'peace'. My intent was not to disrespect them at least directly in a personal manner but feeling the need to challenge them in their work for 'peace'. To engage their provacation and deliver out how that felt or translated to me. Theoretically thinking of the ideas put forth of the Bible in the book of Revelation. The concept of the opposing forces gaining ground to the impending 'final' battle of Armageddon will help explain what I think of, maybe even what I've been 'programed' to filter through being that any action we take will put us ina position that we'll be forced to reflect upon and again choose another reaction and so forth. Like the Bible story we're choosing sides until the full extant of that subject we're focused upon will be revealed. Or further explored to ecompassing ours' content ]

The operating world - Illuminati - Is it really enlightened? Yes it's dominance is displayed in many ways. Are there other ways about them too? The shadows they've cleverly hidden into. A hidden way to operate a mission of dominance. I've been thinking about sacrifices, not the figerative kind. But literal, the rumors of human sacrifice even evidence that seems able to be covered by the established heirarchy. Not just human, but anything living think animals, even plants, such as the slash and burn 'epidemic' and also the vegetable agriculture comodity.

My interest was further stirred by things like the stories of Santeria sacrificing chickens and such. I've heard about rumors before but this apsect is obviously a part of their admitted rituals. Others have more easily gotten away with these practices, albit different; think of the Abrahamic religions namely Judiasm and even Christianity with the continued if not final sacrifice of Jesus himself. Islam will 'speak' of 'Jihad' which seems to be a sacrifice indeed. So all of these point to that. What is it, sacrifice, about? I'll say it's about a move of dominance. Fear can only seize, even if briefly, the subject(s) targeted. Others will say it is about a 'magic' in the blood.(or plant juice lol)(actually blood and plants are exactly alike with only Iron and Magnesium different) They might believe disembodied spirits, some call demons, some daemons, whatever will feed off this energy and obey commands when pleased with the sacrifice. I'll say 'real quick' I get a sense that the fear of this information in the forefront could pose danger a lunatic could take this and go wild with it, encouraginga 'power' only the prestiged are able to operate in and get away with while being exalted as idols while doing so. I think goverment factions are majorly infiltrated by these factions and are able to orchestrate 'false flag terroist' attacks to show that the repurcussions for getting involved like that without being a part of their system has serious ramifications. So finishing for now I pretty much believe the world is run by a big mafia, connected by smaller parts of it, but when you examine it, it all leads into a perfect heirarchy operating as would be thought of a democratic society. In a way actually it is a democratic society.

Just because a large amount of people have joined, but who are the people as said policing the police? A very small yet powerful people. I believe myself to be a part of this group. It could be said it is the good illuminati. I dont like that phrase, though admit joined Leo Zagami's request for that.

UPDATED CONTENT !! 1-23-16  This is a note ive been thinking about the video below and though agree with in a large way I also have to admit there are limitations in access to information and setbacks concerning this particular author Mr. Dubay.  I think the below topic is, as seemingly complicated it may seem, only to have begun scratching the surface and is showing how easy it is to flip ideas in order to hide any progress to be made in discovering any truth contained in those ideas.. I wish personally Mr. Dubay would have contacted me when requested and shown himself superior to these accusations yet I cannot live someone else's life.  Mine is to continue unraveling any aspect of these huge dilemmas we are faced with here in this generation im a  part of.  Real quick ill mention any group can have innocent people making up a large amount of said group who are sincere in efforts without any ulterior motive other than believing it their culture even if nominal.  To these I am dedicated as I was one once even as im trying now to describe what I mean by such people and writing in a way that will show my effort in gaining respect to what im discussing.

The Zionists, Freemasons, and NASA's Biggest Secret  Eric Dubay